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Oren Lezer 1 year ago

Often we face a request to keep a unique values but still keep tracking the new instances the business gets.

In order to do it only using Origami we created the following entities:

  • Inquiries
  • Leads
  • Admin

the Inquiries is the same as the leads structure the only difference is that the Phone number is Unique for Entity on the leads entity. it can be replaced with any other field such as Email, ID and so on..

The Inquiries entity has additional fields of relation to the lead and to the Admin and Hidden field "duplication trigger" 

The Leads will have a relation field to the Inquiries

The Admin Entity should have a relation field related to the Inquiries and a Phone field (or the other unique field you choose).

The flow is as follow:

all the new Inquiries enter to the Inquiries entity

1st WF on Inquiries entity:

Trigger type - on creation 

Conditions - if Phone number is not empty

Action - convert to Admin and we map the phone field in the phone fiedl in the admin.


2nd WF on the Admin Entity:

Trigger type - on creation 

Conditions- if phone is not empty

and if relation to Inquiries isn't empty

Action - update fields:

A- Update the field "Duplication Trigger" to '1'

B- update the relation field and update the value  (not the default selection)

of the related instance itself of the Lead relation field in the value of the Phone Number.

** it is important to set the relation to the lead field in the Inquiries entity to select from the Phone field (or the other unique field).

This part should relate the Lead if already exists

The 3rd WF on the Inquires Entity:

Trigger type- on field update - "Duplication Trigger"


"Duplication Trigger" = '1'

Relation to lead - Empty

Action - convert instance to leads entity


this WF will check if the lead related - if not it will create a lead.

if it related then this WF wont execute


if we would like to update the Related lead status (if we found a match)

then we need an additional WF:

Trigger type- on field update - "Duplication Trigger"


"Duplication Trigger" = '1'

Relation to lead -Not Empty

Action- update fields

"relation to lead" - the value in the related instance itself of the status - to "re-added as a lead" or any other value you wish.


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