CRM ERP helping to manage and control a security company

By using ONE system that control’s everything quickly and easy.

The Challenges

If you’re handling everything, including: security systems management for your customers, safety equipment, technicians and certifications (fire department, police, etc)… You can easily manipulate between one task to another using a fully scalable platform that covers top to bottom reporting and customer communications. You can file up everything and alert when licenses and permits need renewing.
The company had a goal – to easily and comfortably manage their field personnel and customer visits. In addition, they wanted to keep an overview of their safety equipment. They needed to be alerted on time when a customer permit was about to expire and simultaneously get all permits in order on time.

How Origami Helped

The company created a full CRM system using Origami, that enables them to control and monitor every single thing from one place. Technicians input their data from customer visits, including repairs, signatures, etc. when all the data is instantly integrated (using any device) with Origami. Other permitted employees (every access permission differs from one person to another according to the businesses needs. Every business determines access permissions) and customers use Origami’s permission management to input reports, meeting conclusions, contracts, suppliers, etc.
Within the company workflow, a company representative and a customer get notified on patrol visits. Alerts are received at several moments, stages in the process are easily documented and customers receive permits and renew them. Everything is centrally managed.
Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans
The company’s satisfaction was drastically improved by 40%.

Through automating their reporting system and intertwining every stage in the process, they provided and still provide a more timely service.

Implementation time: 4 hours
Implementation team: Chief Operational Officer + administrative assistant