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Quality Management



The need for ensuring quality and compliance throughout the demand chain is ever on the increase. The challenges in meeting quality and compliance standards are plenty with organizations having to deal with complex supply chains, mergers and acquisitions, data integrity issues, and stringent rules put forward by the regulatory bodies such as FDA. It’s not about meeting compliance alone, but also about building a culture of quality management.

With the rising needs and challenges, Origami has risen to meet the needs of organizations to build a culture of quality management, support data integrity, keep suppliers under control, and ensure overall compliance. Having structured QMS data aids in trend analysis, and risk calculations too. The Origami Quality Management System(QMS) helps you to develop a risk-based CAPA process, ensures that your team is trained and performing to the best of their abilities, keeps suppliers under control, investigates out-of-specification lab results and supports quality metrics and reporting. The Origami QMS also scales up to new people, divisions, and processes as they add up in your organization.

Origami is a ‘no-code’ platform that provides all-inclusive modules at low costs and high speed. The drag and drop approach makes Origami highly scalable, more than you could ever imagine.

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