Project management

The company operates across several continents and occupies over 20 industry experts. Each expert commands various projects with different tasks assigned to different employees.

The Challenge

Due to a massive amount of tasks (which are often depended on previous tasks), scheduling and maintaining a proper workflow was difficult.

Managing all tasks at once was doable. Starting with completing tasks on a logical time manner, scheduling meeting with clients, reporting back to customers whenever a an execution of billing was made, communicating with colleagues and reporting to higher management.

Indeed, it was a matter of time until clients complained of lack of professionality and order. Acquiring new clients was out of the question and the current ones were hard to handle and maintain as it was.

How Origami Helped

Creating one platform that administers all was the ultimate solution this consulting firm needed. A Project management and a CRM system to cover every client from A to Z placed the workload in order. It was that order that is enabling every expert to keep up the great work advising clients.

Origami’s various features, helped the company develop an entire project management system, including:

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Advanced reporting
  • Permission management
  • Alerts on overdue tasks
  • Alerts on project resources usage (50%, 75%, 90%)

Implementation time – 2 Hours

Implementation staff – Administration staff