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Project Management


Managing large projects manually by a team headed by project managers can get increasingly complex leading them to remain incomplete past due, go over-budget, or end with a lesser ROI (Return of Investment) than expected.


 Project Management System

All system data can be readily displayed in various views on demand without setup.Based on the SAAS( Software as a Service) model, Origami offers simple drag and drop solutions to the otherwise complex procedure involved in customizing PMS according to the needs of your enterprise.

An agile and cloud-based offering from Origami,

that encompasses planning, tracking, collaboration, and management- the pillars of a PMS and its various modules depending on the internal processes involved.

Features and Modules

Workflow Automation

Reports and Dashboards

Knowledge-Base, Training, and Documentation

Reporting Portal ic

Breakdown Reporting Portal

Complete Collaboration

Advanced API and Integrations

Advanced Permission Management

Breakdown Maintenance Module

Why Origami  


Comprising modules and features that are unavailable on regular PMS offered in the market, customizable entirely to suit the needs of your projects, and helping you with the easiest way out in ensuring efficient operations through measurable results, Origami meets the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Develop and maintain workflow

work time by using advanced field mobile applications while working on the field and get real-time information through the premium cloud-based offering.

Save Time

Origami provides simple dashboards to view all tasks and KPIs. It allows storing files involving permits, approvals, insurance certificates, and any other context on the Origami platform.

The agile Origami framework

It helps to create modules and workflows that integrate seamlessly with existing systems. 

The perfectly tailored solution

Origami offers quick implementation and helps you to get any information regarding objects, devices, and other items by scanning QR codes.

Manage your budget

 Advanced reports generated by Origami helps to plan according to expected procedure costs, work order preparation, and storage management. It also helps to get the best service at the best prices from vendors.

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