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Partner Program

Our partners are key to our success.

We add value to you, our partners, by connecting you to customers and other partners. 

We continue to invest in our product so you can continue to grow your business. 

Affiliate Partner

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
Automation Platform, Operations, ComplianceLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Automation Platform, Operations, Compliance
Value of salesContact UsContact UsContact Us
Affiliate fee10%15%20%
Easy affiliate form
Easy affiliate tracking
Easy affiliate payments
Marketing resources
Proposal templates
Proposal and demo support
Joint marketing activities
Access to Origami Partner Portal
Access to Origami Partner Finder
Access to Origami on-demand training
Access to Origami resource
Live training on previous quarter's product enhancements
Access to quarterly roadmap roadmap lookahead
Free Origami system
Contact UsContact UsContact Us

Automate Your

Business  Operations  Sales  Production  Project Management  Marketing  Recruitment   Reporting  Finance  Procurement  Distribution  Quality control  Compliance 

Make your custom information system rapidly with no code nor any technological background.

Your dream system is just around the corner as you can finally implement your ideas by yourself with radically simplified development and at minimal time and cost.

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