One law firm occupies 100+ lawyers. When each operating their own expertise and handles their own specific customer base, with no shared CRM or ERP system.


Due to the massive amount of workload, files gradually complied along with additional paperwork. The firm used different systems for keeping customer contact details, Excel worksheets and folders kept piling up on computer desktops, and there was little sync between one lawyer to another.

Each holiday season every lawyer receives a list of customers. He or she determines which of their customers to send a holiday greeting to. Customer newsletters were sent via the company’s marketing team.

There little staff and a lot of work.

Outlook and Excel were the main sources the firm used for managing the business.

How Origami Helped

Using Origami as its main and only management platform, the company created a fully operating CRM system which uses an API with Outlook integration. That also enabled them to:

  • Automate client input data and communications.
  • CRM for the marketing team
  • Task management system for all employees
  • Send contacts from email to Origami
  • Send emais from email to Origami


Implementation time – 3 Hours