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Users & Permissions

Optimize collaboration and remove distractions by exposing each individual or group only to their assigned data and tasks.

Distribute Responsibilities Intelligently.

Manage users and assign them to one or more user-groups.

The permission based system allows you to set read-only/modify permissions to individual users and user groups, by ownership or by assigning collaborators.

User Info​

Customize user fields and store needed information such as expertise related data, certification files, birthday and even name of pet.

User Groups

Create user groups for easy automation of task distribution and permissions

Granular Permissions

Permissions can be set with maximal granularity on everything, from entities, through field groups, down to individual fields and anything else such as workflows and dashboards.

IP Authorization

Protect your system from unauthorized access by restricting access to select IP addresses only.


Documented and Secure

Improve internal communication while keeping permanent documentation and preventing unauthorised access.

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