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How It Works

ORIGAMI has all the components you need to make a system that will answer your every demand.

Fully Dynamic

Use ORIGAMI to configure fields, pages, workflows, assignments, reminders and visualizations.

Define Your Modules

Group related entities into categories to ensure your system is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Set your data your way.

Create and customize entities to accommodate your unique data structures.

Visualize your data.

All system data can be readily displayed in various views on demand without setup.


Let the system handle repetitive work with powerful process automation.

Distribute Responsibilities Intelligently.

Manage users and assign to user groups.

Optimize collaboration and remove distractions by exposing each individual or group only to their assigned data and tasks.

Get your own personal secretary.

Generate reports in a click and automate reporting with triggers and timers.

Turbocharge your experience.

Consolidate your KPI charts and external tools to a single page.

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