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What Makes A Custom CRM Different From A Ready Made CRM Software?

The biggest asset to any business is its customers. Customer relationship management has become an integral part of every organization that aims at maintaining a cordial business relationship with all its customers. But customer retention is not an easy task as the customer base and the organization grows in scale, with time. Automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help you out in this otherwise tedious process. There is numerous high performing ready-made CRM software available that store information about customers in one place, for different teams and departments to access them anytime, analyze data, simplify reporting and offer valuable insights into customer behavior and business performance.

Influence of CRM software

All departments benefit by using efficient CRM software. But those who benefit the most are:

  • The marketing team

CRM systems automate data collection, thereby giving category-wise insight into customer behavior depending on age, gender, shopping habits, demographics on so on. This can greatly benefit the marketing team to develop strategies that cater to potential customers.

  • The sales team

With all customer data being stored at once place, the sales pitching calls and conversions become easier.

  • The customer service department

Having all the information about a customer who calls for support can help the service personnel to solve issues quickly. The customer is also happy with the quick response and dedicated service.

Ready-made CRM vs. Custom CRM systems

There are many options available for CRM software, from which you may choose one that suits your organizational needs and budget. But the limitation of a ready-made CRM is that it may lack some features that you need, and you may not need many features that it has. In fact, you are paying a monthly subscription for things that you don’t need at all.

In such cases of dissatisfaction with ready-made CRM systems, it is always advisable to develop a CRM system of your own, custom made for you!

The myths associated with developing a custom CRM system usually are, the cumbersome task of coding, and the exceptionally high cost you will end up spending. Internet research will let you down by stating that it will take months to develop a custom CRM system and you might need to spend a price as high as $60,000.

You can look into the SaaS (Software as a Service) approach to custom CRM development to abolish these myths.

Origami, a SaaS approach to software development offers an agile, highly scalable, and flexible platform with unlimited options for customization. With its API-driven interface and drag-and-drop approach, you will need almost no coding. Add any type and number of features and it will automatically synch with your existing system. Origami is a cloud-based system allowing you to pay depending on the number of monthly users.

In fact, building a custom CRM from Origami can take up to just 3 days at around only 10 % of the whopping $60K above-mentioned!

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