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What is Task Management Software?

Gone are the days when you posted sticky notes on your desk and allocated tasks to team members using email. More than a to-do list, organizations today need a system that tracks tasks from beginning to end, delegate tasks to the team, set deadlines, and monitor the overall progress of tasks.

Thus task management software efficiently manages the planning, scheduling, and estimation of tasks by analyzing the dependencies of these tasks and recording the milestones achieved.

What are the benefits of Task Management Software?

  • All tasks in one place.

With a remote dashboard, you can save time by delegating tasks, tracking them to meet deadlines without losing any information.

  • Set your priorities right.

It is the best way to let the team know what needs to be done first and what needs more time, ensuring that you stay on schedule consistently.

  • Enhanced collaboration.

The dashboard is a pool of information that the entire team has access to. Sharing of files, documents, work plans, and ideas becomes easy in this space.

  • Better defect management.

Avoiding the incidence of human errors while using spreadsheets and with an inbuilt bug tracking system, defects are managed in the environment on the go!

  • Flexible and agile.

With tasks being reassigned and rescheduled constantly, a flexible and agile system makes the job easy.

  • Visualization of system data at its best.

Task management software displays system data in different views namely, TABLE, KANBAN, GANTT, CALENDAR, and MAP. These views with their spreadsheet like usefulness help to visualize schedules, task distribution, and territories and give a better understanding of the overall progression.

What are the features of task management software?

  •  Assign tasks and requirements on the planning board.
  • Prioritize and schedule the tasks.
  • Calculate initial estimates.
  • Determine resourcing levels and detailed estimates.
  • Allocate requirements based on detailed estimates.
  • Optimize project resources to ensure quick completion.
  • Defect management during the project lifecycle.
  • Detailed report milestones, project burn up and burn down.
  • A customizable dashboard that acts as a pool of project information.

How to choose the right task management software?

With varied options in task management software being offered now, it becomes difficult to choose the one that best suits the needs of your organization. But here are a few key features you need to look for that can go a long way in helping you get tasks done on time and in the best way possible.

  • Task organization and editing on a customizable dashboard.
  • Provides complete visualization of planning, scheduling, and workflow.
  • Information management ( files, documents, and other resources)
  • Integration with IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) that helps developers to perform tasks within the IDE instead of opening a separate window.
  • Seamless communication via e-mail notifications and instant messenger.

Instant messenger integrated with the task management software ensures that you can seek out for help on a task anytime, irrespective of your location.

What makes Origami different?

As always, Origami’s drag and drop interface that eliminates the need for coding remains the highlight. The different views such as Table, Kanban, Gantt, Calendar, and Map are available on-demand without setup. Our task management system is a culmination of our efforts in creating one that blends with your organization in no time and works well without any technical assistance. 

Origami can actually create action-based repetitive tasks if required.It also enables you to set priorities or configuration to remind you of tasks that havent been looked into for days, reassigned or reopened tasks and client responses if any.

Agile cloud-based task management software that aids in remote working with enhanced visibility of where tasks stand is our offering.

This system helps to leverage your resources with an in-built defect management system that works on the go making sure deadlines are met.

With Origami, you have a 360-degree view of the project and complete control over tasks right from day one.

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