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The Value of Origami eQMS: Case Study

Industry Pharmaceutical, Medical Device 
Goals Scale the business with automations
Systems sponsors Quality
Duration 2 months
Company High Growth, Fast Paced
Challenges Previous eQMS was unusable, over budget, over time, too complicated
Return> 500%
Regulations Global, High Complexity

In the fall of 2020, Origami partnered with a high growth pharmaceutical customer that needed to scale to meet market demand. The customer felt that every day without a value add eQMS, their teams were impacted. The faster they automated their processes, the more time would be freed up for team members to focus on introducing products to market, which benefited patients around the world. 

In just two months, the customer automated over 25 processes with Origami and went live with a validated system that met the requirements of the US FDA. On a daily basis, the Origami eQMS is used by over 50 employees in 2 languages. The customer achieved an ROI of over 3x, in 6 months. 

In addition to the clear Origami eQMS ROI, the customer has found that processes continue to improve as more and more teams find new ways to use Origami. Satisfaction is high. Teams feel ownership of the system, and are empowered to drive improvement.  A special affinity has developed with Origami, due to real-time collaboration enabled by our chat functionality. This customer recommends to other companies that are contemplating trading up from an existing eQMS to the robust and flexible Origami platform “Don’t hesitate to change systems – the added value it will provide for your company is unbeatable! Origami works for you and not the other way around.”

The eQMS Trade Up Journey 

The story of trading up from a legacy eQMS to Origami, started when the customer’s stakeholders met with our team to share the challenges they were experiencing after 4 years with their legacy system. It had required years of investment, came with high license fees, and was inflexible. 

The customer’s team knew that a better solution had to exist. When a happy customer made a referral, the team found their better solution in Origami. The customer’s team members were highly engaged. The Origami eQMS would add value by automating existing processes, and drive improvement through innovation. 

The Origami team knows that every customer is unique, which is why our processes are all about customer experience. Within days of contract, our experts partnered with the customer to jointly create a customer-specific workflow and implement all 5 modules of the system. This customer decided to migrate legacy data, which went smoothly. Origami’s QA experts reviewed the system setup, which included integrations with Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, and ensured it followed the customer’s specific workflows. The customer then completed their compliance validations and went live. These steps were completed in under two months. 

We focus on our customer’s definition of success. If it’s an entirely validated system in under two months, we’ll make it happen. 

We are so pleased that our customer decided to trade up to Origami. They saved money, made their teams happy, and improved their processes with automation from Origami. In the future, this customer is planning on using more of our out of the box integrations, as well as our CRM. It’s never too late, or too early to improve your quality practices. Your company changes, often rapidly, and your eQMS should reflect those changes with just a few clicks. 

Contact the Origami team to find out how to trade up to our eQMS.

Let us demonstrate what our platform can do for you!

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