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Momentis – Origami collaboration: The Digital transformation from compliance to operations


This case study exemplifies the successful partnership between and Momentis Surgical, spotlighting the integration of the platform into Momentis Surgical’s operations. This alliance significantly boosted operational efficiency, compliance adherence, and streamlined process management, marking a notable achievement in the medical sector’s digital transformation.

About Momentis Surgical

Momentis Surgical stands at the forefront of revolutionizing robotic-assisted surgical practices. Specializing in advanced surgical robotic solutions, their flagship product, the Anovo™ Surgical System, has redefined the landscape of minimally invasive robotic surgery. This system’s innovative design, featuring precision and control, enables surgeons to perform complex procedures with enhanced dexterity and minimal patient impact.

At the core of Momentis Surgical’s ethos is a marriage of innovative technology with a deep commitment to patient-centered care. Their approach focuses on providing safe and effective products for the benefit of the patient, through a commitment to compliance with high quality standards and regulatory requirements.

This commitment led them to, seeking a digital solution to improve their quality assurance and compliance processes.

About Origami

Origami has carved a niche in the tech industry with its innovative platform. Renowned for its no-code approach, stands out for its ability to rapidly develop and deploy dynamic information systems that are both robust and user-friendly. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for businesses across various sectors, particularly those with specialized and evolving requirements like those in the medical device field.’s strength lies in its intuitive design, which allows for quick development and deployment of complex systems without requiring extensive coding knowledge. This feature was particularly appealing to Momentis Surgical, as it enabled them to tailor the platform to their specific operational needs, ensuring a seamless integration into their existing infrastructure while enhancing their operational efficiency and compliance capabilities.


In the dynamic field of medical technology, Momentis Surgical faced a critical challenge: the daunting task of centralizing a rapidly growing volume of records and processes.

This growth, while a sign of success, brought with it a complex web of compliance requirements, the need for a comprehensive document filing system , and escalating technical demands. Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, Momentis Surgical turned to This partnership between Momentis Surgical and stands as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration and technological innovation, transforming complex challenges into streamlined success. As the company progressed, the number of records increased, and they were looking for a system that on the one hand would centralize all of their processes and on the other hand would be simple, efficient and would not require them to make changes in their processes. 


Momentis Surgical aimed to enhance efficiency and streamline compliance processes. The Origami platform digitized their manual paperwork, reducing errors and improving traceability, monitoring, and control over processes.

The Process

The collaboration between Momentis Surgical and Origami Information Systems Ltd. was a meticulous journey towards digital transformation. It began with an in-depth analysis of Momentis Surgical’s quality assurance and compliance needs.

The Origami team, leveraging their expertise in digital solutions, advised and supported the processes definition and implementation of platform. This digital solution replaced manual methods, offering significant ecological and logistical benefits.

The focus was on creating a system that would not only digitize and centralize their data but also integrate effortlessly with their existing infrastructure. This approach ensured an enhancement in compliance management and operational security, while also significantly streamlining their quality assurance processes.

Advantages of the System

The Origami platform revolutionized Momentis Surgical’s operations, reduced manual tasks and reliance on Excel sheets. The system’s ease of use significantly improved document access and management. For instance, with the Documentation Center module, controlled documents could be issued swiftly and efficiently without the traditional procedural complexities. They use most of the software features in their electronic processes, but the dashboards and references between records and processes are highly appreciated. The dashboards help them to monitor all of their processes and follow trends easily on a daily basis. In addition, the references between records and processes allow the implementation of process approach (PDCA) and ensure that processes are continuously monitored and improved. With Origami, Momentis Surgical saw an estimated 50% reduction in the time to respond to non-conformities compared to manual processes. The system’s user-friendly nature improved document management and control. Key features Momentis found helped their processes significantly were electronic forms for non-conformity processes, a calibration list, an approved supplier list, and real-time data charts in the form of dashboard widgets.

Origami’s Support and Collaboration

Our clients consistently experience Origami’s support as friendly, readily available, and exceptionally professional. They receive best practices and incorporation of the actual operational requirements so that the process will accommodate both quality and efficiency of the processes into a streamlined and effective process in the successful implementation of the system at Momentis Surgical. Their constant availability and proactive approach during the implementation phase greatly facilitated the smooth integration of the system, enabling Momentis Surgical to focus on enhancing other operational aspects. The Momentis’s team initially anticipated a four-month timeline for the implementation of their Documentation Center module. However, with the invaluable support and expertise of the Origami team, this project was completed in a mere two weeks. This swift and efficient collaboration not only enhanced Momentis’s perspective on partnering with Origami but also solidified their confidence in the platform’s capabilities for future endeavors.

Paperwork and Logistics

The implementation of Origami led to the digitization of all paperwork, resulting in substantial savings in terms of paper, binders, storage spaces, and nylon. This transformation not only offered ecological and logistical benefits but also streamlined operations, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Future Plans and Collaboration

Looking forward, Momentis Surgical plans to further collaborate with to enhance features like the customer complaint process and CAPA process, continuing their journey of innovation and efficiency.

Conclusion: Realizing Transformation with

The collaboration between Momentis Surgical and Origami,ms exemplifies how the right digital tools can revolutionize operations. The platform has not just solved complex problems for Momentis Surgical, but it has also set a new standard in operational efficiency and compliance in the medical technology sector. This partnership underscores as more than a tool; it’s a gateway to digital excellence. By centralizing data, streamlining processes, and ensuring robust compliance, has demonstrated its capability to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Momentis Surgical’s journey with is a clear testament to the transformative power of digital solutions. For those looking to elevate their operations, stands as a proven ally, ready to unlock the potential of digital advancement.

Explore the transformative possibilities with – your partner in digital innovation.

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“Origami is a great solution since it is a software that fits the company processes and needs rather than the company having to adjust itself to the software."
Maya Leib's
VP QA/RA at Momentis Surgical

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