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The Best Workflow Management Software And Their Features

Every business needs some tools to manage and automate its business processes, known as their workflow. And they are on the lookout for low-coding workflow management software so that they are easily accessible and seamlessly integrate with the third-party applications they use.

Here is an analysis of some of the best workflow management software adopted by businesses across the world.


Flokzu is a collaborative tool to automate workflows between people and teams in an organization. Highly recommended for high-performance businesses and consultants, Flokzu comes with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. However, Flokzu users experience problems in integrating into their accounting software and SAP, for which they need to depend on web services.

2.   bpm’online

bpm’online is designed for customization and comes with a highly interactive user interface. bpm’online is a 3-product suite and is more of a CRM tool than a workflow management tool. One major disadvantage of bpm’online is that you need to purchase one or more products. You cannot buy individual modules.

3.   ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker is a highly affordable workflow management tool designed for approval-based workflows. Its low overhead, light, and efficient approach and easy-to-use drag-and-drop approach make it extremely popular. But it is not made for complicated workflows. Also, reporting needs plugins that come at an additional cost.

4.   Nintex

Nintex is used for optimizing processes, integrating content, and establishing seamless collaboration between teams. Its people-friendly design and flexible pricing options make it equally preferred by small, medium, and large scale businesses. But again, Nintex also faces issues in integrations with other applications. It is also not easy to work with for non-developers.

5.   Kissflow

Compared to the other workflow management tools, Kissflow uses a low-coding approach to make it friendly to non-developers to define workflows. It offers a simple visual interface with KPIs, personalized dashboards, and reporting facilities. But again, Kissflow is similar to many other tools as it is made only for simple workflows. It falls flat when the complexities increase. There are integration limitations too.

6.   Origami

Last but not least is Origami, a power-packed platform that helps you build any information management system, not just workflow.

Origami gives new dimensions to customization-you can build any system the way you want it to look like, right from scratch. And you can build it with absolutely no knowledge about coding. Simply drag and drop and you have a system made only for you- no matter how complex a workflow you may be having. You don’t purchase ready-made software from Origami, but you build it yourself on the all-encompassing platform that is Origami. So it is tailored to suit your needs and has all the capabilities that you need and none that you don’t.

All aforementioned software tools had integration issues. Origami, owing to its API-based interface allows integrating with anything and to anything. When you have access to the Origami platform, either you choose to utilize its unending potentialities or build just what is needed and end up paying accordingly. We have highly affordable plans for you to choose from.

Define workflows, establish collaboration between teams, integrate with third-party applications, visualize data, and get reports in the best of ways with Origami workflow management.

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