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Technology Trends to Prepare for in 2021

With 2021 fast approaching, looking to the future for upcoming trends is common.  To streamline our businesses for agility and competitiveness, anticipate the future, especially where technology is concerned.

The upcoming technology offerings for 2021 are genuinely affected by COVID-19 and its subsequent fallout.  More people are working from home, which means they need high quality and comprehensive systems to be connected.  In addition, most of these solutions will be found on the cloud.

To see what COVID-19 has wrought on businesses and their relationship to the cloud, we have put together a list of technology trends we anticipate will be dominant in 2021.

Growth of the Distributed Cloud

Moving traditional cloud services to dispersed physical locations only seems to be accelerating year-on-year.  With COVID-19 on the scene, distributed cloud systems have expanded due to the increased demand because organizations are discovering the benefits that the cloud has to offer.  The distributed cloud provides higher data speeds while still supporting secure data retention.  As more distributed cloud providers arrive on the scene, services become cheaper.  On top of service provider savings, the distributed cloud ensures an organization’s processes function from a local area network, ensuring that remote workers can perform their work without network sags.

Composable Business Structure

A composable business structure is, simply put, an agile organization.  Agility is the means to respond rapidly to changes that the business may experience.  For instance, the Black Swan event of COVID-19 caught many small businesses and major corporations flat-footed concerning their ability to scale up to meet the current reality’s demands.  Large numbers of employees began to work from home, and this significant change called for an intensive and fast restructuring of the remote work paradigm.  Something as simple as upgrading permissions, for example, became substantial headaches.  Those businesses retaining operating systems in the cloud were much more prepared to absorb such an enormous task.

Open-Source Innovation and the Cloud

Proximity rules brought about by COVID-19 have also affected programmers and technology specialists’ ability to work side by side.  Resultingly, open-source distributed cloud computing will enhance communications by allowing employees from across the company to share and test ideas with each other.  The pace of innovation stems from creating faster innovation and problem-solving. 

Remote Work Applications

Of course, there are many more trends to consider, but if 2020 taught us anything, robust applications are needed to carry on the business remotely.  We have witnessed this with the increased visibility of productivity tools like Zoom and WebEx.  Such applications came to the forefront now because they offered readily available solutions to the immediate requirements.  2021 will also see improved versions as developers shake out any bugs in the systems.

Companies like Origami are on the cutting edge of these technology trends and can help your business thrive, whatever the environment throws at you.

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