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Origami Ver. 5.8.8

Hello Origami Community! 🌟

We’re excited to announce Origami 5.8.8! We’ve been refining your information management experience. Dive in to explore the new features and improvements designed to enhance your efficiency and control. Enjoy the latest updates!

Glimpse to our New Features:

  • Step into the new Regulation-  ITA Confirmation Number for Tax Invoices Over ILS 25,000 
    • In our finance app update, we’ve introduced the generation of financial documents with a confirmation number from the Israel Tax Authority (ITA) for all tax invoices exceeding ILS 25,000. This enhancement ensures compliance with tax regulations and provides transparency and authenticity for transactions over the specified threshold.  
  • Linked Instance Repeatable Group Creation 
    • We’ve upgraded the “Create New Repeatable Group” workflow to allow users to create repeatable group entries in instances of related entities. This enhancement enables you to seamlessly add data to a repeatable group within a related instance, improving data management and inter-entity collaboration.

      This capability streamlines the information-gathering process, reducing the time and effort needed to acquire essential details and ensuring that users have access to all necessary data points in one

  • Visual Editor Auto-Arrange Fields Button
    • We’ve introduced a new option in the Visual Editor to arrange field groups automatically. Users can now set fields to display in 2, 3, or 4 fields per line, with the flexibility to apply different settings to each group. This enhancement streamlines the layout process while preserving the ability for manual arrangement, giving you greater control over your visual layout.

Glimpse to our new Improvements: 

  • Consistent Text Size for Editable Fields in Documents
    • We’ve improved the text size consistency for editable fields within documents. Now, users can expect a uniform text size experience across document fill, preview, and in the created document. Text size remains consistent and reflects the size set during document creation, ensuring a seamless and professional appearance throughout the document lifecycle.
  • Expanded Display for Long Values in Datatable Widget
    • We’ve enhanced the display of long values within the Datatable widget.  Now, after inline editing a long value name, the value automatically spreads across all given spaces, ensuring optimal visibility and readability without the need for manual intervention or refreshes.

We’re excited to share these fantastic updates, and there’s more to explore! While we’ve highlighted some new features and improvements, the latest version is packed with enhancements. Our team has worked hard to improve your experience, so dive in and discover the delightful surprises awaiting you. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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