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Origami Ver. 5.8.7

Hello Origami Community! 🌟

Welcome to Origami 5.8.7! We’re dedicated to refining your information management experience, and this release is no exception. With a focus on efficiency and usability, we’ve packed 5.8.7 with updates to streamline your workflow and give you even more control over your data. Let’s dive in and explore some of the latest enhancements!


New features:

  • Infinite Scroll for Kanban View Stages
    • Introducing ‘Infinite Scroll for Kanban View Stages,’ a feature that removes the previous 30-instance limitation per stage, allowing seamless navigation through stages. Whether organizing tasks, tracking projects, or managing workflows, this enhancement ensures a smooth user experience, enabling you to effortlessly explore and manage your Kanban stages without interruption.
  • Group Toggle Buttons for Table View Settings
    • Introducing ‘Group Toggle Buttons for Table View Settings,’ a convenient addition that simplifies field management. With this enhancement, top toggle buttons for ‘Display in Table,’ ‘Display as a Filter,’ and ‘Allow Quick Edit’ are now available for each field group. These buttons efficiently update all fields within the group, providing users with quick and intuitive control over their table view settings. Whether you’re customizing your display preferences or enabling quick edit functionality, these toggle buttons streamline the process, enhancing your overall user experience.
  • Preview and Edit for SMS Workflows
    • Introducing ‘Preview and Edit for SMS Workflows,’ a powerful feature that empowers users with control and precision when sending text messages. This enhancement enables users to preview and edit message content before sending SMS messages, akin to the functionality available in ‘Send Email’ workflows. Users can review the message, make necessary adjustments, and seamlessly incorporate field tags to personalize the message. By offering both preview and editing capabilities, this feature ensures users can fine-tune their SMS communications for optimal effectiveness and engagement.


  • Dynamic Value Compatibility for ‘Update Fields’ Button Trigger
    • This enhancement ensures seamless execution of workflows containing the ‘Update Fields’ action, specifically when updating Repeatable Group (RG) fields with dynamic values triggered by a button positioned at the top of the fields group. Users can now confidently utilize dynamic values, streamlining their workflow processes for increased efficiency.
  • Visibility Control in Repeatable Group Creation
    • Previously, visibility conditions of RG fields were not consistently enforced during the creation process, leading to inconsistencies. Now, with this enhancement, visibility conditions are accurately enforced, ensuring fields designated as invisible remain hidden when initiating the creation process. This improvement streamlines data entry and maintains consistency in RG field visibility, enhancing user experience and workflow efficiency.
  • Emptying ‘File Upload’ Fields in Workflows
    • Unlock enhanced functionality with the ability to empty ‘File Upload’ fields in workflows. Now, by entering an empty dynamic value, users can effortlessly clear ‘File Upload’ fields, streamlining data management and workflow processes with ease.

We’re thrilled to unveil these exciting updates, and the excitement doesn’t stop there! While we’ve highlighted some of the remarkable features and improvements in this post, the latest version holds a treasure trove of opportunities for you to explore. Our committed team has been tirelessly working behind the scenes to continuously enhance your experience. So, keep discovering, and expect delightful surprises as you dive into the newest version. Thank you for joining us on this journey of progress!

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