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Origami Ver. 5.8.6


Hello Origami Community! 🌟 At, we’re all about fine-tuning your information management experience. We’re in a constant state of innovation, addressing issues, and giving our platform a boost to make it even more empowering for you.

New features:

  • Multi-Company Management
    • Introducing ‘Multi-Company Management’ in the financial app, where users can effortlessly add new companies through the configuration window. Customize each company’s default currency, tax percentages, item settings, and customer configurations. This feature brings ease to managing multiple businesses or divisions within the app. Now, during financial document creation, users have the flexibility to select the specific company the document refers to, streamlining and enhancing their financial workflow
  • Dynamic Resize for Multi-Select Field Quick Edit
    • Quick Edit pop-up in the entity table and widget for Multi-Select fields dynamically resizes to accommodate the selected value names. Whether you’re managing data directly in the entity table or within a widget, this feature ensures a seamless editing experience. No more truncation or scrolling required – the pop-up adjusts automatically, providing a clear view of all selected values.
  • Enhancements in Finance Application for Balance Monitoring and Transaction Tracking
    • Stay constantly updated with the current balance value in the finance application.also available now is the option to display all transactions (inclusive or exclusive of tax) made for your clients, providing comprehensive insights into financial activities.


  • Formula DateTime Format Clarity
    • We’ve addressed a presentation issue specifically in the entity table when utilizing the ‘DateTime from now’ format in Hebrew within a formula field. Previously, the value appeared incorrectly (‘חודשים, 1 שבוע מעכשיו 6’). With the ‘Formula DateTime Format Clarity’ improvement, the display now accurately reflects the intended format, ensuring precise and consistent representation throughout your user interface
  • Summarized Reports Display
    • We’ve improved the handling of concatenated fields to address a presentation concern. Now, when numerous values are involved, the display elegantly utilizes ellipsis to show a concise view. Clicking on the ellipsis reveals the complete set of values, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly reporting experience
  • Optimized Widget Update Navigation
    • Widget updates are now even smoother! We’ve refined the update process to ensure a more user-friendly experience. Previously, after updating a widget located anywhere other than the top of the screen, users were unexpectedly navigated to the top of the page. With the ‘Optimized Widget Update Navigation’ improvement, you’ll now seamlessly remain at the updated widget’s location, eliminating unnecessary scrolling and enhancing your workflow efficiency

  • Datatable Widget Column Order
    • We’ve resolved an issue where column order didn’t match settings during creation or editing. With the ‘Dynamic Datatable Column Order Alignment’ improvement, your specified order in widget settings now accurately reflects column arrangement during creation. When updating the widget and using the ‘Reset Fields Order’ button in the widget filter, the order seamlessly adjusts to match the configured settings, ensuring a precise and intuitive column layout.


We’re excited to introduce these dynamic updates, and the best part is, there’s more! While we’ve showcased some of the standout features and enhancements in this post, there’s a whole world of possibilities waiting for you in the latest version. Our dedicated team has been diligently working behind the scenes to ensure ongoing evolution of your experience. So, keep exploring, and anticipate delightful surprises as you delve into the latest version. Thank you for embarking on this journey of innovation with us!

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