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Origami Ver. 5.8.4 Version 5.8.4 is Here: Making Your Experience Even Better! 

Hey there! We’re excited to share the latest and greatest with you – Origami 5.8.4 has landed! Released on 24/01/2024, this update is all about making your experience smoother. Packed with cool tweaks and improvements, Origami 5.8.4 is here to make managing your info even more awesome. Let’s dive in!

New features:

  • Expanded File Size Limit
    • More room for your files! We’ve increased the maximum file size in File Upload fields to 40MB, allowing you to upload larger files with ease. Enjoy enhanced flexibility in managing your documents and media.
  • Automatic Event Duration Sync
    • Effortless event planning! With ‘Automatic Event Duration Sync,’ adjusting the start time in our events time selector automatically aligns the end time to maintain the default event duration. Experience a hassle-free and intuitive event scheduling process.


  • Auto-Scrolling Save Button in Visual Editor
    • Say goodbye to scrolling hassles! With the ‘Auto-Scrolling Save Button in Visual Editor,’ the ‘Save Changes’ button smoothly moves down the screen, saving users from the need to scroll back to the top. Experience a seamlessly streamlined editing process.
  • Workflow Status Messages in Instance Log
    • Stay informed at every step! No more uncertainty about the success or failure of the Workflow process.

      The Workflow Status feature introduces detailed start, and finish, actions that took place and error messages in your log. Now, when reviewing log, you’ll gain precise insights into workflow initiation, completion, and any encountered errors. This technical enhancement ensures a more transparent and informed workflow management experience, allowing you to troubleshoot efficiently and track the flow of your processes with accuracy.


  • Clickable Hyperlink Fields in Entity Table
    • Take navigation to the next level! Hyperlink field values are now effortlessly clickable in the Entity Table. Enjoy a streamlined experience, easily accessing associated content directly from your table.


  • Minimized Instance Window Preview
    • With the minimized instance window preview improvement, we’ve enhanced the presentation when no specific field is selected for preview in the entity settings window. Now, the minimized window intelligently defaults to showing the first field in the first field group, ensuring an even more informative and user-friendly

  • Enhanced Category Naming
    • System categories now support the inclusion of special characters, such as “!”, providing greater flexibility and customization in naming. Enjoy an improved experience in categorizing your content with this enhancement. experience.
  •  Workflow Button Customization
    • Enhance your workflow customization experience! Now, you can easily adjust the buttons on instance edit and within repeating field groups by rearranging their order through the workflow properties. Enjoy greater control and efficiency in managing your workflow actions with this improved feature.

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