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Origami Ver. 5.8.5

Calling all Origami fans!  

Introducing Version 5.8.5, unveiled on February 19th to elevate your data management experience to new heights! Brace yourself for seamless workflows, intriguing enhancements, and innovative methods to streamline the organization of your information. Let’s delve into the exciting updates!

New features:

  • Formula Number Formatting Based on System Preferences
    • Simplify number formatting in formulas! With the Formula Number Formatting feature, your numbers automatically adjust to the chosen format in System Preferences. Enjoy effortless consistency in representation, whether it’s decimals, currency symbols, or other formats. No more workarounds – set your preferences, and the system takes care of the formatting for a polished and professional look.
  • Classic Repeatable Group Pagination
    • Enhance your data journey! Repeatable Groups in Classic view now offers a better pagination, letting you choose 5, 25, or 50 lines per page. Enjoy smoother navigation, easier analysis of large datasets, and quicker searches.
  • URL Parameter Field Value from URL directly into your Webforms
    • Fine-tune your webforms effortlessly! With the ‘URL Parameter Field Value Injection’ feature, you can now dynamically add values to both hidden and visible fields using URL parameters. This practical enhancement provides a straightforward way to customize and optimize your webforms for a more tailored user experience.
  • Non Editable Hyperlink Clickable In Webforms
    • Now, values in non-editable Hyperlink fields within Webforms are clickable, automatically opening the linked URL in a new tab. Experience easier navigation and streamlined access to linked information, directly from your forms!
  • Prevent Duplicates with Validation Workflow Duplication Check
    • Ensure data integrity with the new “Duplication Check” option in your Validation Workflow! This powerful feature compares set fields of your instance with existing ones in the entity, preventing saves if identical values are found. Customize the error message to inform users about potential duplicates and guide them towards unique data entry. Say goodbye to accidental duplications and maintain cleaner, more accurate data within your entity.


  • Enhanced Capabilities for Pie and Column Widgets
    • Segment Pie charts and group Column data by Email fields. Analyze user behavior, campaign performance, and more with newfound detail. Unleash the power of Email for richer data exploration.
  • Streamlined Field Ordering in Side & Tab Filters
    • Side Filter: Fields now match the order you set in the fields group screen, ensuring consistency and saving you time adjusting settings.
      Tab Filter: Introducing the “Reset Field Order” button! Restore your custom table column order to match the fields group screen arrangement with a single click.
  • Track Webform & Workflow Actions in Instance History
    • Instance history now reveals if an instance was created/updated via Webform or Fill Document workflow. Track changes effortlessly, boost accountability, and collaborate seamlessly! Dive in and discover deeper data insights.



We’re thrilled to bring you these exciting updates, but that’s not all! While we’ve highlighted some of the key features and improvements in this post, there’s even more waiting for you in the latest version. Our team has been hard at work behind the scenes to ensure your experience continues to evolve. Keep exploring, and stay tuned for surprises as you dive into the latest version. Thank you for joining us on this journey of innovation!

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