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Origami Ver. 5.8.2

At, we are continuously laboring behind the scenes to optimize and fine-tune the platform for your advantage, we are thrilled to announce the debut of Origami 5.8.2! Uploaded on 04/12/2023, this release brings forth a variety of captivating enhancements and bug fixes, and mainly characterized by significant technological advancements, designed to further streamline your experience on our platform.

Please take a moment to explore a selection of these new features and refinements.

New features :

  • BioQuick Access
    • Experience swift and secure logins with the ‘Express Access’ feature on Unlock your account effortlessly using face and fingerprint recognition, ensuring a quick and convenient access to your information management platform.

  • Enhanced Workflow: Hyperlink Field Updates
    • Workflows can now handle Hyperlink type field updates, offering users a more versatile and straightforward approach to managing data.

  • Fill Document Workflow Button Placement in Field Groups

    • Users can now strategically position the Fill Document Workflow action button within designated field groups, allowing for a more tailored and efficient document-filling process.


  • Enhanced Document Consistency
    • The system now proactively identifies and restricts the use of PDF files with varying page sizes as backgrounds for contracts and documents, ensuring a more seamless and standardized user experience.

  • Consistent Field Positioning in Contracts
    • The system now ensures that field values in contracts remain fixed in their set locations, preventing any unintended shifts, particularly on subsequent pages. This improvement guarantees a more reliable and consistent contract formatting experience.
  • Real-time Field Locking
    • Fields that become locked due to an activated workflow are now instantly reflected as locked without requiring a manual instance page refresh. This improvement ensures users promptly and effortlessly stay informed about field locking status.

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