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Origami Ver. 5.8.3

At, we’re dedicated to making your information management smoother and more effective. We’re constantly working on updates, refining things, and adding improvements to enhance your experience.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Origami 5.8.3 on January 3rd, 2024. This release brings a host of new features and improvements, designed to empower you and make your journey with Origami even better.

New features:

  • Dynamic Real-Time Updates
    • Experience seamless, real-time interactions! With ‘Dynamic Real-Time Updates,’ changes to field values, instance creation, and deletions within Entity Tables, Data Tables, and Sort List widgets are now instantly reflected without the need for manual refresh. Enjoy a more responsive and efficient user experience.
  • Streamlined Email Routing
    • We’ve refined the email sending process. Previously, recipient addresses were placed under ‘BCC,’ and ‘[email protected]’ was under ‘TO.’ Now, for improved clarity and functionality, recipient addresses are situated under ‘TO.’ Experience a more streamlined and intuitive email workflow.
  • Infinite Scroll for Map View
    • Say goodbye to navigating between pages! The enhanced ‘Infinite Scroll for Map View Instances’ replaces the traditional method, allowing for seamless, endless scrolling to effortlessly view all existing instances in the list. Experience a more fluid and intuitive exploration of your data.


  • Extended Duplicate Entity Functionality
    • Explore an enriched duplication process! In this improvement, we’ve expanded the ‘Duplicate Entity’ functionality to copy field groups, providing a more comprehensive replication of entities for a smoother workflow experience.

  • Optimized Selection Fields Possible Values Conditions
    • Elevated Selection Field behavior! We’ve refined the Possible Values settings of Selection Fields. Now, when the ‘Users Group’ field is left empty, it’s considered as if all users groups were selected, ensuring a more flexible and intuitive approach to field condition enforcement.
  •  Improvement in “Return To Entity” Functionality
    • Previously, clicking on the “Return To Entity” button would take you back to the default view, causing some navigational inconvenience. With our latest update, this button has been revamped to guide you to the last view that you accessed. This change is designed to enhance your user experience by allowing you to effortlessly resume your workflow from where you last left off.

  •  Advanced Formula Field Recognition
    • Experience an upgraded Formula Fields functionality! In this improvement, we’ve refined the system to enhance the recognition of field name tags, ensuring a more intuitive formula creation experience, especially when searching within parentheses.

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