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We are pleased to announce the release of!  We love releases

Here’s what you can now do in the platform

  • Be happy outside of the office. The mobile user experience just got better with new easier icons. 
  • When you collaborate with a colleague about a record or a business process, you’ll love that our in-system chat tool just got a performance boost.
  • Measuring, monitoring and improving workflows and processes is now even easier. Analyze processes in new ways.  When you add or edit a type of data,  you can to any other type of data and create a dashboard widget  right away. Quickly get visibility to your organization’s performance.
  • Slicing and dicing data is even quicker now. You can filter any size of dataset with fewer clicks. Just select and go!

Bugs that were fixed in this release

  • Users with read only permission on specific fields can now see those fields in the table view.
  • Errors are clearer for administration users that copy and re-use existing workflows
  • Fewer than 25 records in a table view now show the user the record count

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