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Origami Ver. 5.8.1

At, our goal is to refine your information management experience. We’re consistently working behind the scenes to enhance and fine-tune the platform for your benefit. And now, the moment we’ve been eagerly waiting for: the arrival of Origami 5.8.1! Unveiled on November 7th, 2023, this update introduces several exciting new features and bug fixes, aimed at making your journey on our platform even more seamless.”

Please check out some of our new features and improvements.

New features :

  • Widget AutoFill:
    • Users now have the capability to predefine a value for a chosen field within a Data-table and Sortlist widgets. When a user sets a specific value, this predetermined value will automatically appear when creating a new instance from the widget creation.

  • Instance Context Menu:
    • The ‘Instance Context Menu’ provides a streamlined way for users to manage individual instances within Sort-lists, Data-tables, or Table views. By right-clicking on an instance, users can access a context menu offering fundamental actions such as ‘Open,’ ‘Duplicate,’ and ‘Delete.’ This intuitive functionality enhances user interaction and facilitates efficient instance management across the platform.

  • Sortable Pie Chart Results:
    • The ‘Sortable Pie Chart Results’ feature introduces a new capability to the Pie Chart widget, allowing users to sort displayed data in either ascending or descending order. This enhancement enables users to rearrange and organize the visualized data within the Pie Chart according to their preferences, providing better insight and control over the displayed information

  • Customizable Workflow Action Buttons:
    • Users can now customize the color and icon for workflow action buttons, personalizing their appearance to better suit specific workflow needs

  • Permission-Based XLSX and CSV Imports:
    • System Admins can now grant permission to specific user groups for importing XLSX and CSV files to designated entities while upholding group-based permissions.


  • Consistent Repeatable Group Field Width:
    • User-adjusted field widths now remain consistent for new lines within repeatable groups.

  • Enabled Tags as the default value of an HTML field: 
    • Users can now utilize field tags as the default value within an HTML field, offering increased flexibility in setting default values for enhanced user customization.

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