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Origami 5.7.9 is dedicated to continuous improvement. In the realm of information management, progress is our mantra.

We’re constantly innovating, resolving issues, and enhancing our platform to empower you further.

Today, we’re thrilled to reveal our latest release of Origami 5.7.9, launched October 8th, 2023.

Check our new features:

  • Mandatory Workflow Descriptions :
    • We understand the importance of easily identifying and distinguishing workflows. To make your workflow management more efficient, we’ve implemented a mandatory workflow description feature. Now, when creating workflows, users are required to include descriptions. This added clarity ensures that you can quickly and confidently identify and manage your workflows, making your experience with Origami even more intuitive and organized.
  • “All” Button for File Upload Field “Allow Field Types” section:
    • We have added an “All” button to the File Upload field.                          This simple yet convenient addition allows you to include all file formats for uploading.
  • Dynamic URL Updates:
    • URL links of all instances within Origami, now update in real-time when navigating between instances, ensuring accurate and up-to-date referencing.
  • Intuitive Calendar Bliss:
    • No more calendar confusion – it’s time to get your dates in order! meet our new intuitive calendar view that spells it out for you so you can easily see the start/end date in both Right to Left and Left to Right systems.
  • Right-Click Functionality – Context Menu:
    • This update introduces right-click functionality for instances, providing users with convenient action options such as opening, duplicating, or deleting instances.


  • Quick data export in table widget:
    • We’re excited to introduce a new capability that streamlines your data management process. With the ability to perform quick exports of data in widget tables, you can now effortlessly extract and export data from your widget tables with just a few clicks
  • Disable Web Form Editing When File Field Is Locked 
    • We’ve introduced a feature that enhances security and control over your web forms. Now, when a file field is locked, the option to edit the web form associated with it will be disabled. This ensures data integrity and prevents unwanted changes when your file field needs to remain secure and unaltered


  • Field Autofill in Table Widgets:
    • Introducing an enhanced functionality in table widgets—field autofill. Now, you can effortlessly display the original table value from the origin entity. This feature simplifies data management, providing you with a clear and intuitive view of your data, directly within the table widget



  • HTML Field Tag Option:
  • We’ve enhanced the HTML field by adding an option in the field settings to enable tags. This improvement offers greater flexibility and control over content rendering in HTML fields, making it easier to incorporate dynamic and customized content.
  • Address Field Cleanup:
    • Address fields will no longer display unnecessary “km” information when there is no value in the field, resulting in cleaner and more concise data presentation.
  • Widget Loading Time Optimization :
    • Widgets now load more efficiently, reducing loading times and providing users with faster access to data.
  • Hour Display Consistency:
    • We have synchronized the display of hours to match the 24-hour format of events, eliminating discrepancies in time representation.

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