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Origami 5.7.8 continues to innovate, assisting organizations in creating efficient information systems for CRM, eQMS, ERP, and more. 

We’re excited to introduce a range of new features and quality improvements. These enhancements ensure your organization remains at the forefront of information management. Unveils exciting new features and quality Improvements in the latest release of Origami 5.7.8, launched September 6th, 2023.

New Features:

  • Customizable Action Button Text:
    • Now you have the power to tailor the text on action buttons to your specific needs. This customization means that you can create workflows and processes that are more intuitive for your team, speeding up the implementation of complex systems.
  • Update Checkbox Fields via Workflows:
    • With the ability to update checkbox fields through automated workflows, data management becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to manual updates, and watch as your processes become faster and more error-free.
  • Efficient Workflow Search by Name:
    • Searching for workflows by name enhances your workflow management. This streamlining of processes means you can quickly find and modify the right workflow, improving overall system efficiency.

  • Reminders:
    •  Receive a notification at your desired time and date to fully maximize your process efficiency. This feature ensures that tasks are completed on time, reducing any delays in system implementation.
  • Dynamic Field Updates in Workflows:
    • Dynamically update fields based on changing values, making your systems more adaptable. This flexibility speeds up customization and ensures your system remains aligned with your evolving needs.
  • Guidance for Mandatory Fields in Document Filling Processes:
    • Never miss important data again. Our new feature provides guidance and prompts for mandatory fields that haven’t been filled in document filling processes, reducing errors and ensuring completeness.


  • Enhanced PDF Quality:

    • Enjoy professional-quality PDF documents, whether it’s for reports, records, or communication. Enhanced PDF quality means your documentation is not just informative but also impressive.
  • Widget Display Customization:

    • Customize widget display settings that persist even after refreshing. This ensures your dashboards and interfaces always meet your requirements without constant adjustments, saving valuable time.
  • Email Editing Before Sending from Record View:

    • Review and refine emails before sending them directly from record view. Avoid communication errors and improve the accuracy and professionalism of your email correspondence.
  • Expanded Permission Levels for Exporting Reports:

    • Have greater control over who can export reports with expanded permission levels. Enhance data security and adhere to your organization’s access policies.
  • Enhanced Contract Field Security:

    •  Ensure contract data security with improved field signature security. Protect sensitive contract information and maintain compliance with ease.

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