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How Can You Get The Best Out Of Your Teams While Working Remotely?

The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated social isolation has brought the world to a standstill. Organizations of all scales- multinationals, large, medium, and small scale, the world over have transitioned into a new method of working. Due to the transition from the structured and constantly monitored office environment to the quarantine of their homes spanning across different locations, there arises the need to improve communication and collaboration between team members.

When it comes to working with remote teams, it can get hard to stay on top of things and move everything forward in an orderly manner, while employees tend to get laid back and overlook deadlines.

Agile project management technologies that can swiftly shift from your regular modus operandi to working from home are much in demand. The core of such technologies being focused on:

  • Communication

Group or individual chats, video conferences, and message boards help the team to share ideas that pop up on the go. Progress updates can be monitored and reminders can be set by the project manager to the entire team.

  • Collaboration

With a detailed remote team dashboard, the project manager assigns weekly schedules and people to each task. The login time recording, optional screenshot capturing, keyboard, and mouse activity monitoring can ensure people are not simply slacking off while working from home!

  • Timelines and deadlines

A time-tracking solution is what enterprises are looking for to make sure no time is going waste.

A ‘battery’ –model showing the percentage of work done by individual members of a team helps the project manager to track where things stand.

  • Project budgets

A cloud-based project management solution with its project budgeting feature automatically notifies you if an employee is about to reach their maximum allowed time that may lead to the going overboard with the budget. Suitable adjustments or task re-assignments can be done accordingly.

  • Team engagement

A typical office environment builds a sense of ‘belonging’ to the team where everyone sees each other. But with remote working, establishing transparency, trust, and feeling empowered under leadership could face a setback. Project management software for enterprises need to focus constantly on ensuring the entire team knows what they are aiming for and how they are going to achieve those goals at all times.

Origami is here to help. As it has always believed in developing simple solutions with a drag-and-drop interface, to help you quickly transition into a new system in no time, our cloud-based PMS solution is no different.

Origami has it all

With the entire enterprise using a single platform to showcase project due dates, team priorities, and scheduled tasks are crystal clear. A view of multiple projects that are currently running or an insight into the status of any individual project- enhanced visibility is assured with Origami.

Tools that make it possible

Remote work spread across a bunch of apps can lead to nothing but chaos. Origami combines all the tools needed for communication, collaboration, scheduling, and team engagement in one place. It also allows third-party integrations when the need comes up for a project.

Stay aligned with organized workflow

By managing your work, feedback, and requests in one place, it becomes easier to send status updates on completed tasks, new initiatives, and blocked projects.

Docs, files, images, and spreadsheets can be organized under folders at one place which aids quick sharing.

Change is the only constant. Get your organization to embrace the change to efficient remote working with a pragmatic PMS solution from Origami.

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