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How can a CAPA management system help to achieve operational excellence?

CAPA stands for Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions. As the name suggests it consists of two sets of actions:

1. Corrective actions

Changes brought about in operation, documentation, and systems to correct undesirable situations that hinder the workflow or reduce efficiency fall under this category. They are implemented in response to customer complaints, issues found during audits, and any instance of non-compliance.

2. Preventive actions

Closely linked to the former set, preventive actions are those that are adopted by an organization to prevent the recurrence of undesirable situations once the root cause(s) has been identified.

The CAPA management system is developed by a team of quality management professionals, and then systematically implemented and tested on your system to ensure optimal efficiency and compliance at all times.

In most industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverages, CAPA needs to be a part of their quality management system.

But every business has its own unique set of needs and quality standards to be met. So, how can you implement a CAPA-based quality management system for your business?

  • Go beyond the traditional QMS solutions and opt to build one for yourself.
  • Align the CAPA system with the quality and compliance objectives of your organization.

Automation is the key

Automation of the quality management procedure brought about by the employment of an advanced QMS such as Origami has numerous advantages.

  • Reduce product recalls, reworks, returns, and repairs, thereby resulting in lower scraps.
  • Increase adaptive flexibility by making changes in design and engineering.
  • Minimize restocking and warranty expenses.
  • Boost agility and productivity.
  • Quicker decision making with real-time analytics.

Origami is a highly agile platform that allows you to build a customized QMS solution from scratch without the need for coding. It is a simple drag –and- drop approach and comes with an API based interface for it to seamlessly integrate with other applications that you use. The striking feature of the Origami QMS is its CAPA management module.

Now automate your quality processes through the Origami CAPA management module that comes with a personalized dashboard helping you to uncover inefficiencies, meet compliances, and deliver desired results.

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