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Emerging Technologies In 2021

In this digital era, no business can achieve its objectives without having a full arsenal of enterprise applications that support its internal functions. When an organization has the right tools, it helps the employees extract the most value from the data, reduce manual work, improve process efficiency and increase the overall speed.

Fortunately, low code and cloud-based technologies can cater to several challenges that organizations face. Cloud-based technologies help companies to save money on storage, servers, and management services, and with minimum cost, these can be moved to the cloud, while with the help of the low-code capabilities, the organizations can work faster and more efficiently.

Gartner provides an excellent graph for the emerging technologies in 2021. The Low Code and Cloud-Based technologies are the future, according to Gartner. The following are the reasons why these technologies will be our future.

  • With the help of cloud-based technology, you can easily access all the information that is stored in the cloud, anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. It also saves you a lot of time because when you are using the easy to use cloud services, your time is saved, and you can reinvest in the core business.
  • Gartner has predicted enormous growth in technologies that are related to process automation, with particular emphasis on the low-code platforms. By 2024, around 75% of the large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for IT application development and citizen development initiatives.
  • Nowadays, companies are forced to review and update their business model. Therefore, they need to automate the processes and investigate how technology can be helpful for them. Speed and adaptability is the key for the companies to remain competitive. With the help of the low code platforms, applications are created in a much faster way because of the features that make development possible with little or no coding.
  • Low code also democratizes process development and helps the transfer of information between different departments of an organization. 
  • Cloud-based technology is still growing, and we have not yet been able to leverage all of its benefits. Therefore, we can see considerable room for improvement, and therefore, innovation is never far behind.
  • There are a number of expansion possibilities in the future, and with the flexibility that the cloud technology offers, it is possible for one to scale up or scale down the cloud services that are based on the business demands.

Origami is a platform that helps users to create an information management system that is unique to the organization. It strictly adopts a no-code policy that allows the organizations to build their enterprise-level system at a cost lower than the market. The organizations are helped to place their systems and data together and save high costs. Whether it is a quality management system, project management system, CRM, or a custom system that you are using, you can quickly transform it into a digital management system with the help of Origami.

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