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How Does Origami’s ERP System Differ From Zoho ERP? – A Detailed Analysis

Used by businesses that work within a supply chain, ERP systems optimize the business functions in a centralized and automated manner. The Zoho ERP system is extremely popular among small and medium business enterprises for its low-code, time, and cost-cutting software solution that helps you to quickly develop and deploy automated workflows, and other integrations with a drag-and-drop interface.

Zoho has gained instant popularity across the globe, and helps small and medium enterprises to easily migrate from legacy systems while maintaining data security on a cloud backup at all times. Zoho allows accessing all information on a centralized application where you can integrate third-party vendors, payment gateways, and so on. With enhanced order visibility and inventory tracking, it is indeed an affordable ERP solution for small and medium enterprises.

* But, do enterprises wish to remain small and medium forever?

* As an enterprise grows in strength and scale, leveraging its workforce and other resources, will Zoho be able to scale up its features too?

* Will this low-cost ERP solution that offers entry-level features extend to suit the needs of a large-scale enterprise?

These are questions that you need to ponder into.

Zoho Creator is a solution that Zoho claims to enable the creation and launching of customized apps easily. But if you check out how to create apps on Zoho Creator, you will understand that there are layouts from which you can choose and create an app accordingly. You cannot customize from scratch and have to stick to the available layouts. Likewise, Zoho’s other releases too do not allow customization from scratch and are indeed difficult to work with.

Origami is a platform that redefines customization. Allowing you to create anything that your enterprise needs from scratch, the way you want it to look and work, Origami originally caters to the largest of enterprises. And we are trying to make this all-feature inclusive, highly-customizable, and scalable platform available to the smaller players too with which they can build any information management system- be it, project management, workflow management, ERP, CRM, you name it, Origami allows it! Being an API-based platform, it is easy to integrate any system that you build with third-party software that you may be using currently.

If Zoho caters to small and medium enterprises, it would be right to call Origami a complete enterprise-level solution with which you can build any information management system at a low cost.

While Zoho and many of the existing ERP solutions have limited scalability, Origami is for a lifetime. You can add endless customizations, integrate them into the centralized system, and get them working on the go without the need for running code. If the drag-and-drop approach literally could have a zenith, it is in Origami. Zoho is a low-coding method. It would be apt to call Origami a no-coding method.

We, at Origami, help enterprises to dream big. With a pragmatic approach to delivering top-notch ERP solutions, let your enterprise grow from small to medium, and medium to large in no time!

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