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Clients most used features 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and information management, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide. As we approach the end of another productive year, it becomes important to reflect on the experiences and feedback of our valued clients. This case study delves into the most beloved features that clients have embraced throughout the past year, shedding light on the aspects of our products and services that have resonated most profoundly with our user base.

Chat gpt

Effortless Interaction with ChatGPT Workflow Feature

  • Our users experience a seamless conversational interface with the ChatGPT Workflow Feature. By inputting prompts that can include dynamic field tags, activating the workflow triggers a prompt-specific ChatGPT response. This feature enhances user engagement and facilitates interactive communication without the need for complex configurations or dedicated setups.

Filter presets

Optimizing Data Exploration with Entity Filter Presets

  • In a marketing analytics scenario, the Entity Filter Presets feature enabled our users to efficiently navigate through diverse customer segments. By saving a preset named “High-Value Customers,” users can instantly apply complex filters defining this segment, providing swift insights for targeted marketing strategies.

Html tags

Dynamic Tagging Enhancing User Communication

  • For our users in project management, the Tagging Feature has become a key asset. With tags like “#TaskOwner” embedded in HTML fields, documents, and Send Email workflows, our users effortlessly personalize communication, ensuring efficient collaboration and clear task assignment across their teams.

Quick export

Streamlining Data Export with Quick Export Feature

  • Our users can now expedite data export without the hassle of creating dedicated reports or workflows. The Quick Export feature allows them to instantly export the currently viewed and filtered data, saving valuable time in time-sensitive scenarios such as on-the-fly data analysis and rapid decision-making.

Permission-Based Import

Empowering Users with Permission-Based Import Feature

  • Administrators can now delegate data import responsibilities efficiently using the Permission-Based Import feature. This enables non-admin users to seamlessly upload CSV and XLSX files to selected entities, streamlining data management processes without compromising system security.

Repeatable Group Visibility 

Enhanced Data Visibility with Repeatable Group Feature

  • Users can now gain granular insights into data structures with the Repeatable Group Visibility feature. In instances where a repeatable group exists, users can easily access each sub-table within the entity table by clicking the “+” icon. This promotes efficient data exploration and a more comprehensive understanding of the underlying information, enhancing the user experience and facilitating detailed analysis.

Workflow Descriptions

Improved Workflow Management with Workflow Descriptions

  • Users can now enhance workflow organization and clarity by inputting text-based descriptions for their workflows. These descriptions seamlessly appear in the workflows table, providing a quick reference point for users to understand the purpose and context of each workflow, fostering streamlined workflow management and improved collaboration.

Customized Action Buttons

Enhanced Task Efficiency through Customized Action Buttons

  • In a project management scenario, users streamline their workflow by customizing action buttons. For instance, a user responsible for task assignments may choose a vibrant color, a “checkmark” icon, and clear text like “Delegate” for a specific action button. This customization not only aligns with their workflow but also accelerates task delegation with a single, visually distinct click, demonstrating the practical impact of tailored action buttons on task efficiency.

Stay tuned for more incredible features in 2024!

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