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How does automation meet quality standards and ensure operational compliance?

To err is human; to automate is the solution.

This is the era where businesses belonging to any industry are opting to automate their operational processes through technology and software tools. Every industry has its own compliance rules to be met put forward by regulatory bodies such as the ISO and FDA. And striving to maintain compliance manually can get tedious and highly error-prone. Software tools and systems, now synonymous with efficiency have become the operational norm regardless of the industry: government, non-government, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, food and beverage, and so on.

Visibility is the key

Large scale organizations fail to build a culture of quality and compliance as they tend to lose sight of their objectives too often, resulting in inconsistent employee performance. With an automated information management system, the organizational goals for quality are known to each employee, team, and department. This helps them to perform, communicate, and collaborate better.

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) management

CAPA is critical to any quality management system as it identifies errors, corrects them, and prevents their recurrence in the future. The plans laid out by a CAPA –enabled automated system helps the organization to catch risks at their onset and prevent unwanted situations.

Automate day-to-day operations and documentation

All enterprises must go through audits at regular intervals. An audit is a nightmare for every business owner as that’s when they realize how disorganized they were.

With an automated and centralized quality management system that controls the entire workflow and day to day operations, things fall into place. Document management is a prerequisite to undergoing a smooth audit. Digitize your document management with an advanced Document management system to create, store, and share documents seamlessly. Most ISO-certified and FDA-regulated business organizations are required to employ automated QMS. Following their footsteps, the smaller players are also climbing up the ladder by automating their day to day operations and documentation.

Origami is a unique platform that can ensure the meeting of compliance regulations, regardless of any industry. With a no-coding drag-and-drop approach, you can build any information management system within no time at highly affordable rates. You do not need an in-house software team to manage the platform, quality, or document management. Any non-IT-person and business can benefit from Origami. The API based interface of Origami makes it the epitome of integration and customization.

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