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5 Signs You Need Our Product

These days, manufacturers get ahead of competitors and gain market share by rapidly introducing high quality customer-driven products. You are constantly being asked to rapidly increase customer satisfaction, while simultaneously lowering process and product costs, with existing people resources.

Therefore, a quality leader has to utilize internal quality team resources effectively, meet customers expectations, improve internal efficiencies, do more with existing resources, and easily comply with legal requirements as your organization scales.

The following are signs which show that your organization definitely need an electronic quality management system (eQMS)!

1. Suboptimal use of people resources

There are extensive costs to maintain a company without eQMS. With the traditional QMS, the time of the employees gets invested in managing the documents and files. Without an eQMS, a company cannot focus on its core objectives and activities, and therefore, this may increase its expenses.

2. Lack of communication & collaboration between departments

When an organization doesn’t have an eQMS, day to day operations across teams are manual and inefficient. Quality processes such as updating documented information, non-conforming product root cause, investigations, corrective  actions, managing risk, require collaboration across teams. Our eQMS quality management system plays a critical role in linking various departments of your organization in order to collaborate to improve quality.

3. Multiple locations and remote workers

The modern workforce requires employees from all over the world, in various office locations, and those who work from home, to collaborate. Our eQMS ensures that your teams access information in real-time, fostering teamwork and transparency, as colleagues anywhere in the world collaborate on quality processes. 

4. Regulatory compliance is not automated 

An eQMS system is a must if your business wants to comply with regulations! Being compliant can be a challenge for any company. Not only do you need to bring in an auditor, you need an easy way to keep the auditor focused on the processes and products that are in scope of the audit. . Our eQMS includes automated compliant processes and granular per-record permission, enabling an auditor to swiftly audit without your organization’s other products or processes being included in the audit, causing unnecessary confusion. 

5. Lack of integration of various systems

Over time, the number of systems, tools, and spreadsheets to track the business’s quality processes tends to grow. There is an addition of different approaches to fill the requirements of a business, and it is the responsibility of a company to manage the growth of other systems. Because of the lack of integration, the efficiency is reduced, and additional costs are incurred, which include infrastructure fees, IT staff, and an increase in the volume of helpdesk activity.


Every organization works to standards, be it the regulatory or the internal expectations or requirements. In order to manage these, an effective eQMS is necessary, and therefore, Origami has been helping organizations to achieve their quality and operational excellence. Having users worldwide, Origami can help your organization become more effective, streamlined, and gain a competitive advantage because our platform is so agile,  it can provide the adjusted framework for any organization and that uniqueness will be reflected in our eQMS, all while demonstrating conformance to standards.

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