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5 Questions To Ask Before Partnering With An eQMS Solution Provider

When you pick the wrong management system, it not only wastes your money and frustrates your teams, you may impact customers through inefficiency and product quality. Therefore, you can get a great advantage when you make the right choice for eQMS. 

We suggest the following points when evaluating an enterprise quality management system (eQMS) to manage the quality activities of your organization; you have to make sure that the vendor and design that you select can best meet the needs of your organization.

Origami is a very agile and scalable platform to build the enterprise-level custom information management system by the simple drag and drop fields. You can drive synergy throughout your organization with the help of Origami, as it offers eQMS connected with CRM. Therefore, you will have all the systems and data in one place.

1. What are my organization’s automation priorities? 

When you define your eQMS requirements, think about which processes bring the most benefit when automated. Often, organizations realize rapid benefit when automating documented information CAPA, non-conformance and udit processes. Ask eQMS providers how flexible their systems are, when it comes to introducing automation of your processes. At, our customers choose which processes to automate, and demonstrate return on investment (ROI) immediately. 

2. How easy is it for different departments to set up their processes? 

You have to consider the needs of departments in your organization that will be interacting with the eQMS. When you can put together a cross-functional team to discuss and determine your needs, it will provide a constructive forum to gather all departments’ inputs and requirements.

3. How quickly will the eQMS add value?

There are two common eQMS stakeholders that we encounter. The first group wants a pre-configured eQMS, and the second group wants an easy to configure platform that will be tailored to existing processes with a few clicks, in just a few minutes. If your teams want a pre-configured system, Origami ships with common fields on every record, ready to use from the day you decide to work with us.  If your teams want to modify, our system includes incredibly friendly configuration capabilities, to update forms within seconds. The longest part of updating is deciding which fields to add or edit! Make sure you get a live demonstration of how the eQMS is configured, so you can select the right provider now and into the future. 

4. How affordable is the eQMS

If your company is deciding whether to hire more people, bring in consultants, or defer other projects because people are spending so much time maintaining your manual quality processes, you need to implement an eQMS. As your company adds new products or scales, you evaluate where to spend money. By implementing an eQMS, your company does more with existing resources, multiplying the benefit of the eQMS over time. For example, automating documented information processes can mitigate the costs of hiring resources on every team, or of losing valuable time of your existing people, spent on manually updating and distributing documentation. At, our philosophy is that the best system in the world should be affordable to every company. We are proud to be the most affordable solution on the market. Our history was as a startup, purpose built to help other startups. We remove financial objections from your purchase decision, and focus on building long term partnerships with our customers. Many of our new customers worked with our product at previous organizations, and confidently introduce us when they move employers, the ultimate in positive referrals and the network effect. 

5. What are the out of the box compliance features and credentials of the eQMS solution provider? 

If your organization is in a highly regulated industry such as medical devices, your eQMS provider must provide features and change management processes that your company leverages. The team built our system to meet these regulatory requirements. Ask any eQMS provider how their system ensures compliance, and at what cost? 

When looking for an eQMS solution, you have to make sure that you got the right end-users representative involved so that the selection of a successful system is adopted. The experts in your organization can evaluate the type of system that you can support in-house. It can undoubtedly be of great help to get guidance from external consultants to help you find the best solution.

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