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We are pleased to announce the release of Origami, launched Sep 7th, 2022. Here’s what you can now do: API field 🤩Have data on another system that you’d like to use in Origami?We’ve added an API field that provides the option to pull data from other data tables, pull additional data using reference fields from that table and setting conditions to determine what will be choosable from a set of API fields.  We added the

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2021 Medical Device Trends

Medical devices can improve the living standards of the patients by monitoring any changes in the chronic conditions outside the office visits. In recent years, we have seen various critical innovations that have significantly impacted

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Emerging Technologies In 2021

In this digital era, no business can achieve its objectives without having a full arsenal of enterprise applications that support its internal functions. When an organization has the right tools, it helps the employees extract

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5 Signs You Need Our Product

These days, manufacturers get ahead of competitors and gain market share by rapidly introducing high quality customer-driven products. You are constantly being asked to rapidly increase customer satisfaction, while simultaneously lowering process and product costs,

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FDA Guidance on QMS Validation: 4 Major Changes

QMS validation is critical to your company’s day-to-day management, and its ability to manage complex reams of data is essential for internal and external auditing purposes.  Also, your overall competitiveness relies on high-quality data from

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Technology Trends to Prepare for in 2021

With 2021 fast approaching, looking to the future for upcoming trends is common.  To streamline our businesses for agility and competitiveness, anticipate the future, especially where technology is concerned. The upcoming technology offerings for 2021

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