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We are pleased to announce the release of Origami, launched Sep 7th, 2022. Here’s what you can now do: API field 🤩Have data on another system that you’d like to use in Origami?We’ve added an API field that provides the option to pull data from other data tables, pull additional data using reference fields from that table and setting conditions to determine what will be choosable from a set of API fields.  We added the

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Origami vs RPA

Origami No-Code Software vs RPA

You’re planning investments in people, processes, tools and technology and you’re faced with limitations and high costs of improving your current SaaS, custom code and RPA.  In this article from our no-code software series, we explore

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Partner Happiness

Origami for Partner Satisfaction

At Origami, we worked with more amazing partners in 2021, and there seems to be no end in sight to our partner growth.   Our partners receive a lot of our attention. We provide them with

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Origami and citoQualis Partnership

Origami and citoQualis Team Up for Startups

Israel, November 9, 2021. Origami, a leading provider of no-code business process automation software for Medical Device and other industries, and citoQualis, a regulatory and business advisory leader for EU Medical Device companies, are announcing

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Anyone can automate

Mic Drop. Anyone can automate.

As of right now, anyone can automate We built to take developers out of the automation equation. Add. Drag. Drop. Go.  If you’re now excited to make things better for your colleagues, we say

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Different automation perspectives

Do I need no-code business software?

If you find the vastly different opinions about automation in the workplace confusing, you’re not alone.  This post wades through various perspectives by using real-world  examples. Let’s explore why you’re reading this post. Maybe you want

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