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All of your data can be readily displayed in various views on demand without setup.

Visualize your data.

Fully responsive layouts for high usability with any device.


Fully fledged table. 

Spreadsheet-like usefulness where detailed list of data is convenient.

You can quickly edit fields directly from the table, and choose to display selected fields only.


Visualize your workflows to manage them more efficiently and get a better perspective on overall progression.


Visualize schedules and task distribution  across your teams to collaborate on projects more effectively.


View any of your activities on a calendar and schedule them with ease.


Automatically populate a map with points of interest from your data to visualize territories and plan your business trips.

Conditional design

Improve system intuitiveness and productivity by Highlighting what’s important – and hiding what’s yet to be relevant.


Each view offers sorting and filtering on every field of your entities.

Save filtering presets for quick visual segmentation of your data.


Highlight the information that matters for twitch fast user interaction. 

color-code category fields and point out data exceptions.


Dynamically hide and unhide fields and sections that are not relevant at a given scenario, and ensure that the system is focused on your immediate needs and promote ease of use and productivity.

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