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Create and customize entities that accommodate your unique data structures.

Your data, your way.

Your data is priceless, keep it safe, accessible and in a usable form.

Field Groups

Use field groups in your entities to structure complex data in a way that is intuitive and productive for you.

Use repeatable groups in instances where records must contain more than a single value.

Fully Dynamic

Create entities to contain your unique data structures and modify any existing entities on the fly to fit your evolving needs.


Enforce validation rules such as required fields, number ranges, text formats and more…


Entities can be interconnected and draw data from each other to mitigate duplicate input.

Saves you from duplicate data entry and management of multiple data sources concurrently.

Import / Export

Import existing data from spreadsheets and databases with a click of a button, and convert them to integrative entities.

All system data is readily exportable in various formats with filtering, sorting, and grouping capabilities.

Audit Trail

Every data change in ORIGAMI is permanently and inevitably documented.

Smart Search

Search for any of data directly from the smart search bar.

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