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Our Story

Origami started as a development company, helping companies improve their efficiency and effectiveness through the use of technology. 

Our customers were amazing, however it inevitably took months for internal stakeholders to meet, have discussions, and come to agreement. Often, processes changed between initial and final discussions. 

We decided to give our customers the tools they need to create and change their own software products, so we built puts real working software into stakeholder’s hands so that in minutes, software solutions are created.  


Yaniv Shimony

Yaniv Shimony, CEO

Yaniv’s been a software developer since early childhood. 

After years working with customers to create custom software solutions, Yaniv started Origami, with a vision to help business stakeholders improve their processes through easy software setup, no matter the problem or the company size.

Daniel Kroitoro

Danny Kroitoro, CTO

Danny’s been working in software development and architecture for over 15 years.  

He has developed numerous leading solutions and has been a lead architect in multiple global scale web platforms technologies from e-commerce and social networks CRM/ERP SAAS based systems involving big data visualization and BI.


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