Streamline and accelerate patients’ enrollment process with engaging and intuitive consent forms.


Organizations that automate their clinical trials’ enrollment and consent using an eConsent solution enjoy many benefits that result in increased yield at a reduced investment and achieve a measurable competitive advantage.

Accommodate change

ORIGAMI based systems are completely dynamic and can be effortlessly adapted to your evolving eConsent needs on the fly.

Optimize collaboration

Each individual is exposed only to his assigned eConsent tasks, eliminating overlaps and distractions – for optimal collaboration in real-time.

Streamline processes

Automation saves many steps to complete eConsent tasks, simplifies work substantially and improve task completeness, timeliness, and quality overall.

Total accessibility

All eConsent data is traceable and can be visualized in various display methods on demand. eConsent data is fully filterable, sortable and searchable – with any device, from anywhere, anytime.

Reduce risk

eConsent Improves the reliability of your enrollment and consent management with validated mechanisms and mitigate opportunities for human error.

Save time

An integrative suite of solutions handles all the repetitive administration enrollment and consent work across your operations – so that you can focus your time on what matters most.

Informed decision making

ORIGAMI’s all-encompassing capabilities allow for powerful enrollment and consent BI dashboards for total executive oversight at a glance.

Reduce costs

ORIGAMI’s automation handles eConsent more efficiently at a lower cost.

Accelerate regulatory compliance

ORIGAMI proactively maintains consent digital record compliance, saving you from enormous operational strain and reducing time-to-market.

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